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 Our Iceland tour promises more than just sights; it’s a journey into a realm of mythical wonders. Explore vibrant Reykjavik, soak in the Blue Lagoon’s geothermal magic, and chase the Northern Lights dancing in the Arctic sky. With BP Holiday, your Iceland adventure is more than a vacation; it’s an unforgettable exploration of nature’s awe-inspiring beauty. Unveil the secrets of Iceland with us. Your extraordinary journey begins here

Best Malaysia Agency For Iceland Tour and Travel Package

iceland ring road

13D10N Ring Road

Embark on a complete Icelandic journey with the Ring Road package, exploring diverse landscapes and iconic wonders throughout the island.

comfort iceland

10D7N Expedition

Indulge in luxurious accommodations and curated experiences with Comfort Iceland, ensuring an elegant and unforgettable exploration of Iceland's stunning landscapes.

summer iceland

10D7N Summer Ring Road

Discover dramatic contrasts in Southern Iceland, from black sand beaches to glaciers, with this specialized package unveiling the region's iconic landmarks and natural wonders.

summer iceland

Special (01 November 2023)

Experience the enchanting Icelandic summer, where vibrant green landscapes meet glaciers, with the Summer Iceland package offering warm exploration under the midnight sun.


Private Series

A private tour allows for any of our usual tailor-made itineraries to be undertaken with a personal driver / guide.


Seat In Coach

Seat In Coach Tour or S.I.C Tour which means vacationers will share a coach or van with other tourists from all over the world


11D8N Iceland + Netherlands

A tour combination of Iceland and Netherland. Curated for those who want to experienced both of the world

Iceland Excursion From Us

You can order the excursion directly from here.