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bp holiday best malaysia tour and travel agency
bp holiday best malaysia tour and travel agency


BP Holiday

Discover Oceans, Cruise Dreams

Sail into enchanting horizons with BP Holiday’s cruise packages! Whether it’s the Arctic allure of Svalbard North Pole, the majestic charm of Greenland and Iceland, the cultural odyssey of Venetian wonders, or the sun-kissed Mediterranean and Atlantic voyages, each cruise promises a symphony of adventure and luxury. Your maritime escape awaits! 🚢✨

Cruise's Tour and Travel Package

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Costa Cruise

Breathtaking Oceans journey with us

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NCL Cruise (Norwegian)

Discover Arctic wonders Cruise

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MSC Cruise

Majestic Waves, Untamed Beauty


Genting Dream Cruise

Unforgettable Ocean Adventures​

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Royal Caribbean Cruise

Where Luxury Meets Ocean Majesty!