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BP Holiday

No, customers have to make their own arrangement to the first meeting point of the journey.

If customer really needs the transfer services, please ask for quotation from our travel consultant.

The tour price has included the accommodation and transportation fees, meals and featured experience during the travel period (Example: jungle trekking, drive around attractions and visit attractive places).

If the travel team has reached a certain number of members, we will locate a professional tour guide to follow the travel team and provides useful information and assistance as you need.

Yes, you are responsible to purchase your own travel insurance.

With a lower price, travel insurance provides a guarantee on your belongings, allows you to enjoy the journey without any worries.

Due to limited weight and space one customer can carry on, we recommend that customer may bring along a maximum 20kg luggage and a small soft foldable bag as hand luggage.

During the travel period, customer have to carry along their own baggage (Including check-in hotel, if the hotel does not provide lift service, customer have to carry their luggage to the room). 

Customer may make their purchases / orders from our website, facebook online booking, or call up our customer service’s phone number +604-835 0096 for booking slots. 

Deposit can be transfered via bank transfer.

Customer may pay the balance of travel fees by bank transfer or bank check 2 months before departure.

BP Holiday - Booking

Booking deposit is non-refundable (unless tour cancelled by BP Holiday). Once a tour has confirmed departure and balance fee collected, cancellation and refund policy is as at our Term & Condition.

Traveller can consult our travel consultant first to get for the most professional advice, and then we make on cooperate with your own air-ticket arrangements to make a coordinated pick-up service. Of course, we also provide small groups departure, private groups, corporate reward groups and so on. Full range of services is one of the company’s purposes.

BP Holiday - Accommodation

Hotel rating ( the number of star) cannot really represent the actual rating hotel standard nowadays. Nevertheless, be always provide clean and comfort look hotel. 

It is advisable to bring your own hair dryer, as not every hotel will offer it. Friendly advice that you can borrow from your roommate as this will be need for communication with them. In addition, hot water is usually obtained in the lobby or at the hallway if the room does not provide a kettle.

Generally, need to bring your own toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo to prevent emergency needs. Toilet paper will be provided by hotels. You don’t have to worry about it.

BP Holiday - Food

[Vegetarian / Muslim / allergy with any ingredient ]

We will try our best to arrange meals according to the needs of our clients. It also needs to work with restaurants, it is subjected to the restaurants availability. Must inform us in advance when book for the trip.


BP Holiday - Carrier

We will arrange reasonable and suitable flight sits and flight times to ensure passenger protection. According to safety guide transiting time will be arranging at least 4 hours – 6 hours and above depends on the flight schedule / airline / country’s airport that you will be visited. 

During transit at the airport there is not inclusive above mentioned. By the way, you can get advice from us about the recommendation such as a hotel / activities. We are always be ready for the service to our valued customers. 

Usually international flight journey more than certain of time, MOB will be provided to you. However, domestic flights are not served. Normally customers will be arranged to have their meals after arriving the local airport if the MOB is not served during the flight journey.

Of course, you can choose to upgrade the seat class cabin, please let our relevant personnel know in advance what you interested. You will be receiving a reasonable quote in accordance with your request. The price we offer is based on the selling price at the time all the price are subjected to airline terms and condition.

BP Holiday - Tour Guide / Tour Leader

Any such request must be made with advance notice so that we can try to arrange it for you. This is not a commitment, as we need to negotiate with the ground company and try to cooperate with them. Additional charge are depends with the relevant provisions of the company.

If the number of your tour exceeds a certain number, we will automatically provide the tour leader’s services. If you have any special situation, please let us know and we will try to assist you.

The activity of the planned trip is based on the safety of the passengers and it will not be a dangerous activity. Please let us know in advance if there is any inconvenience. Choose your own suitable activities do not let the tragedy happen.

If the tour member includes other third parties, your requests will be in accordance with the agreement of the majority group members is agreed to replace. If you are in a private tour, the answer is for sure you allowed to do that. For this situation, must confirm with tour guide is there any price difference before going to proceed.

BP Holiday - Packing List

🗹 Passport

Make sure that your passport validity is more than 6 months from the date of travel. Please remember bring along your passport to airport and there are individual responsibilities to take care your belongings. 

🗹 Air ticket

Please print out your ticket reference no. for anytime emergency case. Make sure that your returning seat is confirmed and reconfirm your seat again with the airlines when you returning from oversea.

🗹 Visa

Please ensure that you have the necessary entry visa for the country visit.

🗹 Travel insurance

We would like advise you to buy travel insurance for your personal & family trip protection before departure.

🗹 Local currency, Euro, US Dollar & credit card

Before departure you can get our advice that the currency of the country visit. Please change the country currency before first at our local money changer. Make sure that you change enough the currency for your personal & family use. Otherwise you may change Euro / US Dollar to local currency and ask the assistance from local tour guide. Besides that you also can use your credit card at local shopping store.      

🗹 Camera & battery

Please check your digital camera in a good condition and remember bring the extra camera battery from time to time use.

🗹 Hand phone charger & travel adaptor

Remember bring your own hand phone model charger and travel adaptor too. There are difference types of electric plug use for each country.

🗹 Normal medicine

Due to difference climates and foods of the country visit there are very difficult for some tour member(s) to adapt it. Therefore we recommend our tour member(s) to bring a little bit of medicine like fever, cold, cough, headache drug, etc for your personal use. Plasters also need for external minor injuries. For those who have the particular disease like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc we would like to remind you that please always bring the doctor medicine in your side for entire journey.      

🗹 Local weather

It would be best that you find out the local weather first before you travel to overseas. Below list of things may put under your consideration:   

    o Skin & face lotion and lip gloss for summer, winter & dry season 

    o Long john, winter jacket, scarf, gloves, and boots for winter season 

    o Sunglasses, sun oil and cap for summer season

    o Umbrella and raining coat for raining season

🗹 Shoes

We recommend our tour member(s) to wear a proper and comfortable shoe when traveling oversea to avoid uncomfortable caused. It is not necessarily to wear the sport shoe. You can wear casual shoe as long as you feel very comfortable for your journey. 

🗹 Check-in counter

Please check with our tour consultant asks regarding the information of check-in counter.  It would be possible to amend by airport management without prior notice.

🗹 Assembly timing & returning flight timing

You must know the assembly time for counter check-in and we advise you don’t be late check-in to avoid the counter closed. Normally 3 hours before need for international flight check-in and 2 hours need for domestic flight check-in. In fact, you can tell your family members come to pick up you from airport in the end of tour if you already know the returning flight timing.    

🗹 Save tour guide & emergency contact no.

Before departure please save the tour guide emergency & contact no. in your hand phone to convenience you call up for assistance whether it is in airport or during tour. 

BP Holiday - Luggage

Yes, you will be charged an additional fee. In order to avoid extra unnecessary costs you can ask the travel agent to increase the weight of your luggage when the situation is unavoidable. It is still recommended that passengers can follow the original plan in order to avoid any inconvenience during the trip.

If you are facing any of these unfortunate situations, please report to the airport authorities. You must also ask for a full official report to prove your case before leaving and this report will be an important document used to your own travel insurance company for claims purposes as well as self-protection.

Due to weight and space limitations, you are allowed to bring one main piece of luggage weighing no more than 20kg and one small soft bag for hand luggage. On all tours you will have to carry your own luggage (e.g. into hotels and up to your room if hotels don’t have elevators). Please bear this in mind when you are deciding what to pack.

BP Holiday - Convenience For Departure

Yes, our tour guide will assist you at the airport. In addition, we would like to purpose a unlimited global travel sim card to you. For further inquiry may contact to us.

The tour price includes accommodation and transport for the duration of the tour, meals as per the itinerary, and select experiences (which may include walking tours, driving tours and visits to attractions). On top of this, if your group tour members getting certain amount you will have an expert tour leader to assist you along the way with great tips and handy advice!

We usually use online check-in as this makes it more convenient and efficient for our customers. If circumstances permit, we will assist you at the airport when any emergency arises

We offer airport transfers and even pick you up from your home to the airport. This needs to comply with the relevant preferential terms, sometimes even free of charge.