Best time to visit Santorini

April to October. This period sees sunny skies and generally pleasant weather.

In particular, the summer months of June to September are the driest and hottest, which is great for chasing the beach. However, it is also the high season, so expect the island to be crowded and the prices to go higher.

If you want to avoid the crowd and have the island to yourself (and a few others), travel between mid-November and March, Santorini’s off season. This is when the prices of flights and hotels go down drastically. I know because this is exactly how I was able to visit Santorini: cheap airfare and rooms. But there’s a catch.

In off season, Santorini seems to go into hibernation. Yes, there are fewer tourists but there are also fewer establishments open and transportation options available. In Oia during our visit, there were only three restaurants that were open. Fira was a lot more alive, but still not as alive as you would probably imagine. In summer, there are plenty of buses operating between the airport and Fira, and between Oia and Fira. But in winter, the number of trips per day dwindles that you might be forced to just take a cab if you’re in a hurry, which can push the cost of your trip higher. So you have to plan your trip really well.

The best time to visit then depends on WHY you want to travel to Santorini. If you’re after beach activities or maybe partying, April-October is your best bet. But if you just want some peace of mind or have a quiet, romantic time with someone, winter isn’t bad at all.

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