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  • (WJX) 7D6N Taipei/ Taicung/ Tainan/ KaoSiung/ Nantou + Sun Link Sea Forest Recreational Area
  • (WJX) 7D6N Taipei/ Taicung/ Tainan/ KaoSiung/ Nantou + Sun Link Sea Forest Recreational Area
  • (WJX) 7D6N Taipei/ Taicung/ Tainan/ KaoSiung/ Nantou + Sun Link Sea Forest Recreational Area
  • (WJX) 7D6N Taipei/ Taicung/ Tainan/ KaoSiung/ Nantou + Sun Link Sea Forest Recreational Area

(WJX) 7D6N Taipei/ Taicung/ Tainan/ KaoSiung/ Nantou + Sun Link Sea Forest Recreational Area

  • Tour Code: WJX


Day 1 Kuala Lumpur/ Taoyuan/ Taipei (MOB/D)
Xi Men Ding
- Ximending has been called the “Harajuku of Taipei” and the “Shibuya of Taipei”. Ximending is the source of Taiwan’s fashion, subculture, and Japanese Culture.

Day 2 Taipei/ Chiufen/ Tai Chuang (B/-/D)
Ping Xi Shih Fen Train Station (sky lantern own expenses)
- Although the Shihfen Old Street does not necessarily attract tourists due to its traditional architecture, it does boast the unique attribute of serving as the only old street in Taiwan, which trains pass through on a daily basis. As they happily enjoy delicious home-coooked noodles, visitors can enjoy the sight of trains passing along the unfenced railway gates.
Chiufen Old Street- A place where you get a chance to taste the local snacks and foods of Taiwan such as Taro and Sweet Potato Ball etc.
Fengjia Night Market- Due to nearby famous university, therefore lots of modern fashion, snacks, and etc you can find here.

Day 3 Tai Chuang / Tainan/ KaoHsiung (B/L/-)
Sun Moon Lake (Boat ride, Wenwu Temple)
- Is Taiwan’s largest freshwater lake, located in a basin surrounded by peaks. Its beauty has given rise to such names as “Pearl in the Mountain,” “Honeymoon Lake,” and “lovers Lake.” It has also been called the “Heart of Taiwan,” not for romantic reasons, but for its role as a major hydropower generator.
Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village
Beimen Visitor Center
White Church
Money Coming Grocery Shop
-- It is a famous locale for the popular drama “The Prince Who Turns into a Frog”
Liuhe Night Market

Day 4 KaoShiung/ Nantou (B/L/D)

Taiwan Pearl Jewelry Center
The Path of 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs (Pass by)
Qing Long Water Fall (Pass By)
Xi Tou Monster Village
- Nantou got an area call monster village, actually is a Japanese-style building district, Japanese style architecture plus cute monster peculiar shape wear kimono dolls with the clerk, who deep in the middle of the Japan streets.
Sun Link Sea Forest Recreational Area- It is famous for its fascinating sun-link-sea scenery.It is situated at Sun Link Sea Forest recreation Area. Sun Link Sea has an average of 20 degrees Celsius all year long China Fir and hemlock dot the entire countryside and blanketed the entire area in green. This place also offers the beautiful views of Mt. Hehuan in the distance.

Day 5 Taichung/ Taipei (B/L/-)

CKS Shilin Official Residence
- The ground area can be divided into two parts of garden and official residence as known as former President Chiang KaiShek and Madam Chaing Soong Meiling residence. But now is currently open for public tour.
Pixiu Museum
Taipei 101 Shopping Mall
- Taipei 101 is the tallest building in the world, with a mega five-story shopping mall and occupying seven floors of the Financial Centre is the Taiwan stock exchange. You can also take the quick lift to 89th floor observatory (by own expenses).
Shihlin Night Market- Considered to be the largest and most famous night market in the city. Great place of local handicrafts, clothes toys, tasty local snacks and souvenirs.

Day 6 Taipei (B)
Free and Easy

Day 7 Taipei - Departure (B/ MOB)

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